food is allways a story...

my name is Sivan Blecher.

I have been fascinated with food ever since I remember.

During my life I have travelled up and down this world picking up whatever enchanted me from each person or culture. I have served salads at a seaside music festival ,cooked a huge wedding meal in the forest ,baked vegan cakes for Buddhist lamas, catered birthdays and corporate gatherings , made shabat dinners in the jungle, managed crazy restaurants in Goa and Tel Aviv, walked through countless market stalls feeling up the goods and searching for the most beautiful tomatoes and the freshest lettuces, whether it’s for Bollywood stars or woofers in organic farms, In the end of every cooking journey it never ceases to amaze me , how people gather and shine when they enjoy food.

I am very fortunate to be able to share this wealth through cooking my personal eclectic kitchen style , I believe that food is the base of our energy and I am committed to bringing my aspirations of harmony and love to everything I create

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